Beauty & The Beast 2018

Grand Theatre, Blackpool, 7 December 2018 – 6 January 2019

Right from the very beginning I found myself beaming and smiling at the show the whole way through and thanks to Steve Royle aka Louis La Plonk and his mother Polly La Plonk (Nick Wilton) for moving the show along and filling in the gaps with their great on stage relationship and comedic characters that are guaranteed to have you crying with laughter or chuckling the night away as they make the audience part of the show and even give out some goodies if you’re good.

Katrina Brown. 6 December 2018.


UK Productions’ larger than life characters create an expert blend of fun and drama. This definitely rates as one of the best pantomimes I’ve seen in a while.
It strikes a lovely balance of hilarity that’s not over the top with tender moments that aren’t too deep.
Nick Wilton is endearing as the Dame, Polly La Plonk…

Kirsty Niland. 13 December 2018


Louis La Plonk (Steve Royle) and his mother Polly La Plonk (Nick Wilton) carried the show along and kept the audience in high spirits throughout.

Heidi Archer. 15 December 2018

Theatres Online

This could be the best panto Blackpool has seen for years… Nick Wilton’s Polly was both cheeky and ballsy (sorry, I couldn’t help it)…

Michael Holmes. 10 December 2018.