Beauty & The Beast 2021

The Anvil, Basingstoke, 9th December 2021 – 2nd January 2022

The show filled me with joy from start to finish and I loved watching the fantastic duo of Polly La Plonk (played by Nick Wilton) and her son Louis (played by Chris Pizzey) who gave a hilarious performance, leaving the audience in stitches.

Basingstoke Gazette

I loved the hilarious characters of Polly La Plonk and Louis, The Panto Dame and her son, which really made the show for me and had me in stitches the majority of the time. My folks liked the occasional nod to the Disney version with the tongue in cheek jibes about not needing all the cutlery to perform a song and dance at teatime!

The show has laughs in every scene and Polly and Louis make a fantastic double act, bouncing off each other. We loved the jokes and there was just the right amount of innuendo – with it all going over the children’s heads.

We are welcomed to the French village of Waterloo by our dame Polly La Plonk, a superb performance by Nick Wilton. His outlandish costumes are a delight. Joining Polly is the effervescent Chris Pizzey as Louis La Plonk, who also directs. He quickly has the kids wanting to join his gang and skilfully established a cheeky rapport with the enthusiastic audience. They make a formidable duo. There are many magical moments in this family pantomime. The ghost sketch was a huge hit and the baking scene of baguettes hilarious and awful funny puns and jokes with local references abound.

Robin Strapp, British Theatre Guide