Run For Your Wife 2019

By Ray Cooney. Mill At Sonning, 3 October – 23 November 2019

Michelle Morris, Nick Wilton, David Warwick, Jeff Holland

DESPERATE dashes, a disintegrating central character, a gorgeous woman running around in skimpy black underwear — it’s farce time at the Mill at Sonning and there are few who do this sort of thing better. Quite how cuddly Nick Wilton as cab driver John Smith managed to get the amorous attentions of two out and out goddesses like Judy Buxton and Michelle Morris as his two wives is one of those mysteries which has baffled the Y-chromosomed for millennia. But they do, so Cooney gives us all hope… Nick Wilton’s John Smith is hilarious. We see him go from a man dazed and confused to a frenzied desperation as everything unravels.

Mike Rowbottom. Henley Standard. October 4, 2019

Henley Standard

Michelle Morris, Nick Wilton

NICK WILTON is a sex symbol. And provides hope for all fat, balding, middle-aged men everywhere. After all, if he is irresistible to not one but two beautiful women, and a neighbour upstairs, well, who needs to watch that middle-age spread? He plays John Smith, a taxi driver who has an orderly system to ensure that his wives – Mary (Michelle Morris) and Barbara (Judy Buxton) never suspect that he’s playing away from home… Nick Wilton is perfectly cast as John Smith. He has a spot-on Tony Hancock-esque double take expressive face that drips all the necessary emotions: fear, panic, despair, as his complex plans unravel.

Phil Creighton. The Wokingham Paper. October 6, 2019

The Wokingham Paper

Nick Wilton, Jeff Holland

Cooney has gathered a first class cast to bring his classic farce back to the stage. Nick Wilton is likeably roguish as John, whose constant look of bewilderment-cum-panic is a source of much amusement. He shares a great chemistry with Jeffrey Holland (of Hi-de-Hi! fame), who plays Stanley, John’s neighbour in Streatham. It may be almost 40 years since Ray Cooney started writing Run For Your Wife, but this production is proof he is still the Farce Meister-General.

The Man in the Grand Circle. October 7, 2019

The Man in the Grand Circle