Tom, Dick & Harry (Tour), February/March 2008

We knew we were in for a great evening when Damian Williams had us laughing from curtain up. add Andrew Lynford and Nick Wilton to the mix and this fast-paced farce, written by Ray and Michael Cooney, quickly became hysterical mayhem. At times it was hard to keep up with the constant twists and turns of the plot as one hysterical situation rolled into another.
Nick Wilton’s attempts as interpreter for Katerina and Andreas were a masterpiece of comedy and closely observed behaviour of the Brit abroad.

RD, Lowestoft Journal

Tom, Dick and Harry ticks all the boxes for great farce: running joke, mistaken identity, doors opening and closing with precision timing; and a few touches all its own: a neat trick with a lemon, and a frantic sign language sequence that earned Nick Wilton a round of applause.

Derbyshire Times