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Carrott’s Lib


Carrott’s Lib was series broadcast live between 2 October 1982 and 30 December 1983. It starred Jasper Carrott with a supporting cast including
Nick Wilton, Chris Barrie and Jan Ravens. It was broadcast live, first from The BBC Television Theatre in Shepherds Bush and then BBC TV Centre on Saturday nights, albeit with some pre-recorded elements.

  • Series 1: seven episodes, broadcast 2 October 1982 to 13 November 1982
  • Election special: broadcast 9 June 1983
  • Series 2: eight episodes, broadcast 22 October 1983 to 10 December 1983
  • Christmas special: broadcast 30 December 1983

Son of Cliché


Son of Cliché is a comedy sketch show that ran for two series on BBC Radio 4 between 23 August 1983 and 29 December 1984.

The show was written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, and produced by Alan Nixon. It starred Chris Barrie, Nick Maloney, Nick Wilton, and in the penultimate episode of the second series, guest performer Paul B. Davies, with music by Peter Brewis. The series was a follow-up to Grant and Naylor’s 1981 series Cliché, which Maloney had also featured in.

The first series was recorded at the Latchmere Theatre (now Theatre503) in Battersea, then moved to the BBC Paris Studio.

One of the recurring sketches from the second series of the show, “Dave Hollins: Space Cadet“, formed the basis for the BBC2 TV sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf.

Backstage at the Latchmere Theatre
Programme information for BBC Worldwide
2009 Reunion
(L to R) Alan Nixon, Nick Wilton, Chris Barrie, Doug Naylor, Nick Maloney, Rob Grant, Pete Brewis – 2009

In One Ear


In One Ear was a late-night sketch show, broadcast between 1984 and 1986, on BBC Radio 4 in the U.K. live from the BBC Paris Studio in London, with a (sometimes edited) repeat later in the week.

Front of House Poster – Paris Studios

The Paris Studios in Lower Regent Street London were in use by BBC Radio from 1946 to 1995, and were the recording venue for some famous programmes. The theatre was originally the Paris Cinema, which opened in April 1939 to a design by Robert Cromie. Its name referred to its focus on French-language films; it didn’t last long due to World War II when it was taken over by the government.

By 1946 it had been acquired by the BBC as a recording studio, where its small capacity (400) and low stage gave it an intimacy ideal for recording comedy programmes; I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, radio versions of Dad’s Army, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy were all recorded here. The Paris Theatre also saw some notable live performances from The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Queen and Pink Floyd amongst others.

After the conversion of the Concert Hall at Broadcasting House to become the BBC Radio Theatre, the Paris Theatre closed in 1995 with a special commemorative concert.

Radio Times 1985

Hello Mum


Live BBC Sketch show featuring Helen Lederer, Clive Mantle, Nick Wilton and Arnold Brown. Also features Roddy Matthews, Robin Driscoll, Steve Carter, Paul Bassett Davies and Richard Vranch

Hardwicke House


Hardwicke House is a seven-episode ITV sitcom produced by Central Independent Television. It was originally produced in the beginning of 1987. It was so negatively received that only the first two episodes were transmitted.

More about the show here